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Cartier RIB (ON), CAIB, CIP

The high value home insurance overview.

You may feel satisfied that your current High Value Home Insurance policy will protect your valued assets and possessions in the event of a loss, but there may be a deficiency in your current coverage due to the unique features of your high value home.

The custom Luxury Home policies offered by Stewart Morrison Insurance consider the unique features of custom, luxury and heritage homes, identifying the gap between regular home replacement cost and your home's actual value. We provide a personal evaluation to provide customized coverage to protect those things you value most.

Typically homes in Ontario that are worth upwards of $750,000 should consider this insurance, including heritage homes, executive homes, condominiums, secondary and seasonal homes. The Lindsay High Value Home Insurance policy has enhanced policy features to provide tailored coverage for the unique risks of custom, luxury residences as well as those with architectural or historical significance.

What Is Covered .

The specialized coverage features include:

GRC (including heritage homes)

No obligation to repair or replace

Deductible waiver

Higher standard policy limits for Jewellery and Furs, Collections, Business Property, Fine Arts and Wine Collections

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