The cottage insurance basics.

How do I decide on what to protect with my cottage?

When considering your cottage insurance needs, it is important to understand the types of coverage that are available.

We know what a special place your home away from home is to you and your family. Whether it be a summer cottage, year round second home, log cabin, or even a cottage on an island, we can insure that you are covered for whatever may come your way. Let us help take the worry out of living your best life.

Yoursurance: What you should protect for your cottage

Your Cottage

Dwelling coverage for unexpected events such as fire, wind, water, theft.


Coverage for all contents in your cottage including items such as clothing, furniture, electronics and appliances - essentially anything that is movable.

Detached Buildings

Coverage other buildings such as a detached garage, bunkie, shed, and boathouse.

Replacement Cost

Coverage to repair or replace a damaged or destroyed building.

Rental Income

Coverage for lost rental income should your dwelling become unavailable due to a covered loss.


Your cottage policy will provide limited coverage to your owned watercraft, however you should consider a boat insurance policy that will cover you for whatever may come your way.

Premises Liability

Coverage for legal liability arising from ownership, use or occupancy of the premises.

Water Protection

Water damage is the leading cause of loss. Water Protection will provide coverage for Ruptured plumbing, sewer backup and extensions of coverage such as overland water and service line are available.