The condo insurance basics.

When considering your condo insurance needs, it is important to understand the types of coverage that are available.

As a condominium owner, you know of all the benefits of living the condo life; however there are also unique risks. Condo owners in Ontario require special coverage to ensure that there is no gap between the condo corporation policy and your individual insurance policy. We will ensure that you are fully covered in the event of misfortune leading to damaged or missing property.

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Yoursurance: What you should protect for your condo?


Coverage for all contents in your home including items such as clothing, furniture, electronics and appliances - essentially anything that is movable. Coverage can extent off-premises when you are travelling, if you have a relative move to a retirement home or have student away at school.

Scheduled Items

Unique higher value items can be listed on your home policy providing additional coverage options for your fur coat, valuable art work, and jewellery, for example.

Personal Liability

Coverage for you and your family for anything you could be held personally liable for. Personal liability goes where you go.

Water Protection

Water damage is the leading cause of loss. Water Protection will provide coverage for ruptured plumbing, sewer backup and extensions of coverage such as overland water and service line are available.

Additional Living Expenses

Coverage to pay for extra expenses for an alternative place to live, meals and other costs in the event a loss occurs which prevents you from occupying your residence.

Improvementes & Betterments

Coverage for improvements that increase the value of real property value of a unit such as updating flooring from carpet to hardwood.

Unit Additional Protection

Provided coverage for the unit owners when the condominium corporation has no insurance, inadequate insurance or is not effective.

Property Loss Assessment

Insures the unit owner against a special assessment by the condominium corporation should their policy be inadequate to cover a loss to common elements.

Liability Loss Assessment

Provides protection for the unit owner if there is a liability claim made against the condo corporation that exceeds their liability coverage.

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