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What's Yoursurance
for your car?

You rely on your vehicle to keep up with your busy life. Having proper protection allows you to never skip a beat.

Switching is easier than you think, and the right insurance is really affordable.

The car insurance basics.

How do I decide on what to protect with my car?

When considering your insurance needs, it is important to understand the types of coverage that are available.

There also are a number of additional coverage options that you may want to include in your automobile insurance policy. Take the time to discuss your specific risk exposures and coverage needs with us to determine which coverage options are best for you.

Yoursurance: What you should protect for your car

Accident Benefits

In Ontario the option to sue for injury or loss of income is limited so you need to make sure you have the right coverage for you and your family as well as the occupants of your vehicle.


Covers costs to repair damages to your vehicle resulting from an accident with another vehicle or object.


Damage to you vehicle caused by anything other than a collision including theft, vandalism, falling objects, animal impacts and other.

Accident Forgiveness

An optional coverage to protect your rate if you have an accident that is your fault.


Provides coverage and protection when you are responsible for causing bodily injuring or property damage to another person or property.

Replacement Guarantee

An optional coverage that would replace your new car in an event of a theft or a total loss.

Rental Coverage

Optional coverage for a rental car to keep you on the road while your car is being repaired, following a claim.


There are many options to reduce your cost of insurance. A multi-policy discount can be applied if you bundle your home and auto together, if you are retired, if you insure more than one vehicle and if you maintain a clear driving record can save you money. There are also apps that track good driving behaviour that can also help.