SMI Retail Scene

What's Yoursurance
for your retail business?

No matter what kind of retail business you are in you need protection for the unique risks you face working with the public everyday.

Switching is easier than you think, and the right insurance is really affordable.

The retail insurance basics.

How do I decide on what to protect with my retail business?

Protect your business, its assets and your income with a tailor made package unique as your business.

A complete insurance package for your business will be developed by your SMI insurance specialist. We look at your business operations, will come to your place of business and make recommendations for the best package and price for you!

Yoursurance: What you should protect for your retail business


Coverage for loss or damage to your buildings if you own it as a result a claim such as fire, wind, water, theft and other unexpected incidences.

Stock, Equipment & Contents

Protecting your company assets against damage, loss and theft of your property like POS systems, computers, furniture, and inventory. Optional coverage for inventory or product while in transit.

Commercial Liability

Coverage to protect your business against claims made by others for bodily injury and property damage, products, services and advertising that arise from your business operations.

Business Vehicles

Coverage for vehicles used or registered to your business. This allows your employees or others to drive with coverage for liability, accident benefit collision, comprehensive, loss of use, should an accident occur.

Peak Season

Extends additional coverage for higher levels of stock and inventory during your busiest times of the year.

Cyber Risk

Designed to help in recovery of retail software containing customer data, and lawsuits associated with breach of information.


Coverage for financial loss of currency or inventory from employee dishonesty, inside or outside robbery, fraud and forgery.

Loss of Income/Business Interruption

Coverage for replacing lost income as a result of interruption of your regular business operations due to a loss, or claim. Options for extra expense incurred for relocation and advertising.