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Do you find yourself worried about the liability from the products you manufacture? It's a valid concern given all of the variables involved but with a manufacturers insurance policy, you'll be able to concentrate on your business.

What's yoursurance for
your products?

Depending on what you choose to protect, we can assign you a dedicated broker to best find the perfect insurance coverage and experience.

Your Dedicated Broker:
Avery-Graves BA., CIP, RIB (ON)

The manufacturers insurance overview.

As the owner of a manufacturing business, each product that comes through the assembly line represents you. Once it gets sold, however, you can't control how it is used and the liability stays with you.

Manufacturers insurance in Ontario incorporates liability insurance to shield you from product liability lawsuits and can also include the following coverage features:

Equipment Breakdown

Property Protection

Business Interruption

Umbrella Liability

You may feel that you are already covered in these areas with a general business insurance policy. However, most policies will not automatically include features such as product liability and equipment breakdown--and these are your major risks at the front and back end of production.

Here are two reasons to act now.


The sooner you begin, the sooner your business will be fully protected and that you can properly incorporate the cost into your pricing.


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