The brewery insurance basics.

How do I decide on what to protect with my brewery business?

At Stewart Morrison Insurance, our brewery insurance experts will review your needs and recommend the right coverage to protect your assets:

Protecting your business from the unique risks of brewery operations, staring from the ground up. Our comprehensive insurance packages is specially designed to address your risks every step of the way.

Yoursurance: What you should protect for your brewery business


Coverage for loss or damage to your buildings if you own it as a result a claim such as fire, wind, water, theft and other unexpected incidences.

Brew House & Equipment Breakdown

Protecting your Brewery and Brew House assets against damage, loss and theft of your property including POS systems, computers, furniture, and inventory.

Malting & Milling

Coverage for the complete brewing process; from possible damage to your cereal grains by fire, insects or rodents, to water contamination or leakage.

Mashing, Boiling & Fermenting:

Leakage resulting in the loss of beer and/or damage to other property on your premises.

Labeling, Packaging & Transport:

Damage to business contents, such as stock and equipment during transit.

Manufacturers Errors & Omissions

Coverage for incorrect, poor or faulty products that you manufacture, handle, sell or distribute.

Commercial Liability

Coverage to protect your business against claims made by others for bodily injury and property damage, products, services and advertising that arise from your business operations.

Commercial Auto & Fleet

Coverage for you and your employee drivers for liability, and your vehicle for damages, should an accident occur during business use.

Cyber Risk

Designed to help in recovery of retail software containing customer data, and lawsuits associated with breach of information.


Coverage for financial loss of currency or inventory from employee dishonesty, inside or outside robbery, fraud and forgery.

Loss of Income

Coverage for replacing lost income as a result of interruption of your regular business operations due to a loss, or claim.

Liquor Liability

A specific coverage you need due to the exposure you face selling and serving alcoholic beverages to your guests.